Brunlanes, Vestford, Norway



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Halvorsdatter, Anne Dorthe  Abt. 1807Brunlanes, Vestford, Norway I420
2 Hansdatter, Helvig  Abt. 1810Brunlanes, Vestford, Norway I418
3 Henriksen, Niels  Abt. 1808Brunlanes, Vestford, Norway I417
4 Josnen, Mathias  Abt. 1805Brunlanes, Vestford, Norway I419
5 Mathiasdatter, Kirstine  24 Feb 1831Brunlanes, Vestford, Norway I412
6 Nelson (Nielson), Josephine Judith  19 Oct 1866Brunlanes, Vestford, Norway I408
7 Nilssen, Nicolai Mathias  12 Jul 1859Brunlanes, Vestford, Norway I698